Video Walls

Navratna produces highest quality video wall solutions that are incorporated with the latest technology to ensure complete satisfaction among our users. The video wall solutions are available in different technologies, sizes and resolutions. Our team at Navratna uses solutions from Quality & Premium Brands that are retrofit therein providing our customers with cost-effective and performance-driven options that can integrate quickly and easily into the existing infrastructure of the control room.

Video Wall Solutions

Control rooms are a vital component of any major operation. Be it traffic management, security, Surveillance, process control or utilities, Control rooms are building blocks of city wide management.

Ensuring access to every intricate detail and real time information has become a necessity for control room operators. With Video walls, round-the-clock vigilance and monitoring in real time has become convenient and manageable. Features like true cube redundancy and long life hours of light source in a video wall ensure a long term performance in mission critical applications.