Control Room Keyboards & PC’s


Tomorrow’s keyboard technology for workplaces today

Security and efficiency are top priorities in high-stress environments such as those on trading floors and in command centers. Staff members must be able to concentrate fully on their tasks day and night without the distraction of switching between different systems. Ergonomic workplaces are a must. Multifunctional keyboards from WEYTEC provide an optimal, state-of-the-art user experience and a fully integrated workplace.

The WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard is the ideal input device for reliable, comfortable and efficient workflows. Operate all computers, wherever they are, easily and intuitively with a single keyboard and mouse. Additional consoles are superfluous. So, you can concentrate on the essentials and keep important processes and sensitive data under control – whether on the screen, on a video wall or directly on the integrated touch display. Connect and interact directly with third-party systems, such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters or intelligent building automation, video surveillance and access control. The keyboard functionality is almost limitless.

At a glance
  • Optimum ergonomics
  • Reduced complexity
  • Intuitive navigation to achieve results faster
  • Adaptable for individual user requirements
  • Robust and future-proof technology
  • Optimized for high-performance work environments

Optimize your workplace with the smartTOUCH

Create the perfect working environment with our multifunctional keyboard. It is configurable, modular, customizable and expandable. WEYTEC solutions are 100% compatible with virtually all user, hardware and application requirements. And: multifunctional keyboards reduce the user interface to a single device for an optimal user experience.

The smartTOUCH keyboard – the optimal solution …
  • when you want to control all your applications, computers and screens with a single keyboard and mouse.
  • when you need to work faster, more securely and more productively.
  • when you need to react immediately and purposefully to events.
  • when you always want to be in full control with a clear overview.
  • when ergonomics at the workplace are important to you.

smartTOUCH keyboards create modern, high-performance workplaces with
a multitude of functions:

Modern Touch Screen

The world is at your fingertips. The unique landscape-mode touch screen takes ease of use to a whole new level. All your PCs and sources are visualised on the user-friendly display. Drag and drop information sources onto monitors or video walls and move effortlessly between them.

Individual Applications

Extend the functionality of your touch screen with individual applications – similar to apps. Everything is possible, from video integration, event visualization and telephony to specific corporate applications.

Practical Keypads

Optimize your workflows. Use the versatile and customizable keypads to assign your most important commands and shortcuts to physical keys. This ensures lightning-fast reaction times to initiate an operation, trigger a process or to respond immediately to any incident.

Intelligent Sensors

Save energy and protect your eyes. Light sensors automatically adjust the brightness of the screen to the ambient environment for optimal illumination and energy efficiency. Motion sensors detect user presence and put the keyboard to sleep when it is unattended.

Comfortable Operations

Let your fingers glide over the keys. Sophisticated key switch technology provides a more comfortable typing experience. The rubber-coated ergonomic hand rest enhances user comfort.

Flexible Teamwork

Work more flexibly than ever before. A quick ejection mechanism releases the key panel from the housing unit so that users who share desks can still work on their personal keyboards. Hygienic working conditions are thus guaranteed.

Outstanding Acoustics

Integrated loud speakers optimize the sound quality. Forget about extra cabling to external speakers and just enjoy an excellent stereo sound experience.


The keyboard comes with a wide variety of interfaces to directly connect peripheral devices.


ultraFLEX miniPC

High performance, low power, very small form factor

The ultraFLEX miniPCs are full function computers optimised for size and power consumption. Deployable both as thin clients and fully-fledged high-performance PCs, they are suitable for hybrid desktop and virtualised environments – and offer many attractive advantages:

  • ultraFLEX miniPCs satisfy requirements in the most demanding multi-screen environments due to the enormous graphics output. A single ultraFLEX can drive up to seven screens supporting ultra-high 4K resolutions. The cooling design keeps the ultraFLEX almost completely silent.
  • ultraFLEX miniPCs come in the space-saving standard Eurocard form factor. The two, three and four slot versions require adjacent slots in a standard Eurocard chassis.
  • ultraFLEX miniPCs are extremely compact and are mounted in a standalone desk chassis or a 19” chassis, both available with single or redundant power supplies.
  • Each ultraFLEX miniPC can be customized to meet individual user needs. They are available with a variety of processors and memory configurations and for multiple operating systems.
  • The ultraFLEX miniPC comes with a variety of interfaces für maximum flexibility: Dual SuperSpeed 3.0 USB, Dual High Speed USB 2.0, Dual-SATA III, DisplayPort / Mini DisplayPort, Dual RJ45 für Gigabit Ethernet, audio output with 16-bit stereo output and audio input with microphone or Line-In

At a glance

  • Maximum availability: hot-swappable during ongoing operations
  • Low power consumption
  • Enormous speed and processing power with market-leading processors
  • Minimal heat generation
  • Low noise
SSD / RAID technology

ultraFLEX miniPCs use SSD (Solid State Drive) technology for fast booting and high performance.

Dual gigabit ethernet

Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports provide two IP addresses so that the ultraFLEX can run in two independent networks simultaneously.

Power to performance

Low power consumption is at the heart of the ultraFLEX Mini PC, ensuring high performance with very low CO2 emissions. Power consumption is only 10 W when driving two screens, or 20 W with three screens.

Power supplies

Redundant power supplies for both desk and rack versions provide another level of security.