Control Room Infrasturcture

AOCC Console Solution

Facilities like Security, Maintenance, Traffic Monitoring and control, Information Management,
Operations control and Runway Signage play a very important part in an airport. Runway signage are
signs and markings on the runway that help the pilot in appropriate take-off and landing. The operations control for these thus become of utmost importance for safety measures. Traffic monitoring and control centre is involved in safe landing and take-off of the aircraft as well. These are the facilities thereby result in a steady operating airport.

ATC Control Tower Console Solution

The Air Traffic Control Rooms, Control Towers and Flight Tracking Rooms should be given utmost
attention as they are dynamic environments responsible for the proper functioning of every aspect of the Airport. Thereby equipment integration, sightlines and ergonomics play a very important role.
Each facility is placed in its unique space with their respective needs. Creativity and experienced vision is put forward to effectively design and implement these rooms.