Border Surveillance

Nations face many contemporary issues at their borders. Protecting borders is important in order to stop illegal crossings, human trafficking and smuggling. We recognized the need of a technological innovation in this field and developed an end-to-end surveillance solution to effectively monitor borders and adjacent large-scale areas.

  • Virtual wall built from thousands of megapixels
  •  Advanced Video Content Analysis technology and intelligent decision making support
  •  Automatic human detection and tracking in a distance of up to 3 kilometers
  •  Accurate operation in complete darkness as well Border surveillance solution
  •  Displayed GPS-coordinates of the detected objects
  •  Stitched panoramic images up to 1 Gigapixel resolution
  •  6 MP PTZ, Long Range 5 km PTZ and integrated 3rd-party Thermal PTZ cameras
  • Effortless maintenance procedures