A better baggage tag for passengers.

Passenger numbers are expected to be doubling over the coming 2 decades from the 3.4 billion in
2017 to a staggering 7,2 billion in 2034. Airport are challenged by this growth to facilitate all these
people and the airlines wanting to transport all from A to B within the planned timeframe.

The answer to this challenge will be in adapting technology and out of the box solutions. Self Service
will be a big part of the new approach and so will off – airport services. With staff at a further distance from the actual process, the process as such needs to be intuitive. Today’s passengers are used to working with computers and on-screen instructions. Nevertheless, the actual labelling of their bag raises a challenge if the tag is not self-explaining.

Self-adhesive linerless technology.

The patented eezeetags are designed following the requirements within the IATA 1740 A resolution,
with the extra addition of the “magic” eezeetags adhesive that only sticks to itself and takes away the need to remove the release liner to expose the adhesive.

  • Direct thermal printable paper
  • Sticker adhesive for Bingo stickers
  • Silicone release liner
  • Unique adhesive, only sticks to itself